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    Picture of November 2013

    November 2013 £2.00 incl tax

    It's a Samurai, but not as we know it....; Workshop Horrors, when the rust won't let go; Mk4 Trooper that's a work of spanner and fabrication genius; Two-owner 90 becomes a challenge-spec brute; APC action - it's more fun with live firing! Mighty Surrey/Hants roadbook.
    Picture of October 2013 - with free 16 page off-road tyre guide
    First of the few: The valient Frontera that became a challenge legend; Bang-tidy 90: built with love, wheeled without mercy; The Big One: Where now for King Of The Valleys; KAP Jimny rebuilt for hardcore off-road fun; North-East Yorkshire Roadbook; 16-page Off-Road Tyre Guide Supplement included.
    Picture of September 2013

    September 2013 £2.00 incl tax

    Immortal Suzuki - 20 years and still going strong - one of the first ever modded Sammys lives on! 24.4 mpg becomes 35.9 mpg - just from a new exhaust!; Daimler Ferret: the military 4x4 that got away; Budget hardcore 90 built from cast-off bits; Stunning Patrol-axled spaceframe KOV buggy; West Cambridgeshire Roadbook.
    Picture of August 2013

    August 2013 £2.00 incl tax

    Long-Arm Grand - Turning Jeep's bargain WJ into a +4.5" twister you can drive all day long; Hardcore 90: from challenge hack to friend for life; 4x4 Classics - building a piece of off-road history; Budget KOV build: new workshop series starts here; Lifted Pajero on North country trails; Suzuki X90 built for off-road action; Summertime Northants roadbook.
    Picture of July 2013

    July 2013 £2.00 incl tax

    4-Link Land Rovers - the all new bolt-on system that'll change the way you think about suspension - tested; Welsh Xtrem - full report on the biggest new event of the year; Bargain Shogun - off-road star bought and built for a song; Max value off-road: a real-world Cherokee; Dune-bashing lessons in Tunisia; 82" Disco: a daily-driven trayback that lives for getting muddy; Ace Northumberland laning guide.
    Picture of May 2013

    May 2013 £2.00 incl tax

    Glorious Samurai; Tyre Size Guide - the assorted wisdom of hundreds of people distilled down into the info you need on 38 makes of 4x4 – the size of the tyres, the size of the lift and the other stuff you’ll need to think about if you go there; Hardcore Hi-Lux; Commonsense Disco; Building a Bumper; ORA Moon Buggy; Land Rover resto; Arctic Heroism; Off-Road Scene - clubs and events; Product news - the biggest variety of stuff you’ll find anywhere, from tyres to tools, rad flush to rev counters, diff covers to amber beacons…; this month's roadbook is in beautiful NW Norfolk.
    Picture of August 2011

    August 2011 £2.00 incl tax

    Mega Pajero - lots of lift, lots of rubber... the making of a mighty Mitsubishi; Event reports; Rose Joints - full tech guide to getting your rod ends right; FJ40 Stunner - fall in love with this Land Cruiser; Bobtailed RR Pick-UP - technical secrets of a trick challenge truck; Roadbook in North East Leicestershire.
    Picture of July 2010

    July 2010 £2.00 incl tax

    Ladoga 2010 – all the news from the most feared event in Europe; Rogue Vogue – Both Nick Watts’ challenge stars in massive detail – our biggest ever article! Desert Red – how to really build a Hi-Lux; Towing Test – New Sorento: Pulling with a caravan hero; Roadbook in south Leicestershire
    Picture of April 2009

    April 2009 £2.00 incl tax

    Off-Road Scooby - full workshop story of a parts-bin miracle; Jeep Cherokee - fully tested off-road; Croisiere Blanche - rescued from the bunny-hugger mafia; Donny 4x4 Parade - modded trucks galore at the Indoor 4x4 Show; Profiled this month: No-Messing 90 - original V8 built for the extremes; Lamborghini LM002 - full history of the V12 off-road supercar; Roadbook: N-E Norfolk
    Picture of November 2008

    November 2008 £2.00 incl tax

    Honest Hi-Lux - real-world homemade trayback in profile; Perfect Pick-up - building a rock-crawling work of art - aged 67!; Round-the-World Wrangler - Jeep's ultimate adventure; Technical Exclusive - what happens to your roll-cage when it lays down its life? Profiled this month: Monster Patrol - Nissan's big 4x4 gets bigger still; Power and Glory - is this the craziest ALRC racer of them all?
    Picture of December 2007

    December 2007 £2.00 incl tax

    Long Way Down - Inside story of the prepped Patrols that saw Ewan and Charley across Africa; Britain's best fords - Scotland and the North; 3 Easy to follow routes; Chevy V8 Landy - the engine we all love...; Scorpion Challenge - round by round; 8" Lifted Cherokee - converting Skyjacker's top kit to fit a right-hand drive Jeep XJ
    Picture of September 2007

    September 2007 £2.00 incl tax

    Highest-Lux; 2007 BORC: Round 3; Baja GB preview; 2007 Scottish Hillrally; 3.0 Litre Ford Ranger; TBR's Ford Ranger Demo; 9th ARB Warn Outback Challenge; Chevrolet Silverado Big Red Dale; Earnhardt Jr Edition; Ultra Adventure Driving; All-Terrain Services
    60 products found