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    Picture of April 2017

    April 2017 £4.50 incl tax

    Family Fortunes - got a couple of kids who want to come with you when you go off-road? That'll be all the excuse you need to invest in a Wrangler Unlimited...; Dakar Rally - How Peterhansel made it thirteen not out; Mysterious 90 - An old ex-MOD Land Rover with a hidden history; Nissan X-Trail - quarry-bashing off-road action aboard the new 2.0-litre diesel; Northumberland Roadbook - a legendary weekend on the lanes starts here!
    Picture of March 2017

    March 2017 £4.50 incl tax

    A Legend Reborn - This Nissan Patrol was the first diesel ever to finish in the top 10 of the Paris-Dakar. 30 years later, it's just been returned to its former glories; The Killing of Brushfield - another great lane falls to politics and greed; Modded Trailhawk - there's more to Jeeps than just the Wrangler; Rebuilding a V8 - Expert knowledge of the care your engine needs; TESTED: Mitsubishi Shogun - The latest version of a proper off-road hero; Roadbook in North Hampshire.
    Picture of February 2017

    February 2017 £4.50 incl tax

    Pick-Up Special! Starring the new 3.0 litre Volkswagen Amarok - full test drive inside. Land Cruiser pick-up - iconic 80-Series turned into Aussie-style ute. Stunning 6x6 Defender - 110 Double-Cab running half a dozen 37" Trepadors. Long-range L200 - Old-shaper built to work hard right across the world. New Ram Power Wagon - the world's most complete off-roader? Trans-America trail - First ever Brit vehicle goes coast to coast! PLUS! Roadbook in East Hertfordshire.
    Picture of January 2017

    January 2017 £4.50 incl tax

    Double-Cab Heaven! New Hi-Lux, Navara and L200 - full tests on a trio of trucks that really matter; Epic Derby Dales Roadbook - Lose yourself in a beast of a lane run; Magnificent JK - a modified Wrangler that's even better than it looks; King of Britain - First-hand report from Ultra4's Bovington battle; Doctor's Gate - Crowdfunding to save a much-loved green lane; Tata Safari - Throwback to the worst 4x4 we've ever driven...
    Picture of December 2016

    December 2016 £4.50 incl tax

    Hardest Ever Defender - don't let that curvy bodywork fool you - this rock-hard 90 is no mere style wagon; New Musso Driven - full test of the cheapest 4x4 pick-up you can buy; Overland Mitsi - Shogun Sport prepped for expedition travel; South Lakes Roadbook
    Picture of Land Rover Yearbook 2017

    Land Rover Yearbook 2017 £7.99 incl tax

    Don’t miss the essential annual publication from the publishers of The Landy and Total Off-Road! 144 pages of Land Rover features, products and adventures all wrapped up in the essential yearbook for Land Rover enthusiasts and owners alike. Available in the shops from 18th November 2016.
    Picture of November 2016

    November 2016 £4.00 incl tax

    Queen of France - definitely not your average Ultra4 story; Fancy owning a Landy like the James Bond baddies?; Mighty Jimny - off-road hero and tidy street machine in one awesomely modded package; Jeep Crew Chief 715 - herein, somewhere, lies the new Wrangler pick-up; Flat-pack off-roader - Gordon Murray's build-it-yourself truck for Africa; Land Rover Discovery 5 - it looks like the modern breed of soft Landies. But is the new Disco still the real deal? Roadbook in North Leicestershire.
    Picture of October 2016

    October 2016 £4.50 incl tax £2.99 incl tax

    SPECIAL PRE-PRICE INCREASE PRICE, JUST £2.99 FOR OUR OCTOBER 2016 ISSUE! Day Of The Double-Cabs - If you thought the pick-up market was already booming, just wait until you see what's coming...; Trail-riding Terranos - Designed in Japan, built in Spain... and exploring ancient England; Swords into ploughshares - A Land Rover 90 built for battle but living in peace on the lanes of Wales; Final JK - 75th Anniversary edition - a taster for even better to come. North Devon Roadbook - how long will your nerve hold...?
    Picture of August 2016

    August 2016 £3.50 incl tax

    Hybrid Wrangler - Rusted-Out TJ turned into a stunning one-off; Picked-Up Pick-Up: Mighty Hi-Lux shows what you can do at the top of the market; 90 of Many Colours: Want to make your off-roader stand out? Bright paint is just the start...; Outrageous G-Wagen: 37" tyres, portal axles... and you can actually buy one. If you're actually rich. SOUTH WILTSHIRE ROADBOOK: DIVE IN IF YOU DARE...
    Picture of July 2016

    July 2016 £3.50 incl tax

    100 pages of off-road joy! Pro Jeep - Mega-tidy UK Wrangler built like a Rubicon hero; Do Not Adjust Your Set! Yes, this really is a Volkswagen Touareg modified for hardcore off-roading...; Hatchback 90 - Land Rovers come in many shapes and sizes... but you've not seen one in THIS shape before; Stunning new D-Max AT35 - Isuzu partners with Arctic Trucks to build a showroom-standard off-road monster; Includes all the latest news from across the off-road scene; Thetford Roadbook perfect for every 4x4!
    Picture of June 2016

    June 2016 £3.50 incl tax

    Mighty Cruiser - Magnificent 80-Series with a set of mods you won't see anywhere else; Can you turn a profit on modifying your vehicle?; A hybrid that was so good, they had to build it twice; 37-inch tyres on a daily driven Wrangler; Final edition Disco 4: still a winner off-road?; Epic South Devon Roadbook.
    Picture of May 2016

    May 2016 £3.50 incl tax

    Total Off-Road's May 2016 Issue! 75 Years Of Jeep - the American legend celebrates with a group of stunning concept Wranglers - including the ferocious 707bhp Trailcat; What's the best 4x4 to buy for modding - if you don't want a Land Rover?; One man's unique 4x4 tribute to the war heroes in his family; New Hi-Lux - set to be the best ever off-road; The Jimny that went on a diet...; Epic Northumberland Roadbook
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