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May 2013

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Glorious Samurai

Mike Harris spent three and a half years building his Samurai. Or rather, turning an assortment of scrap metal shot through with filler into one of the grooviest Suzukis you’ll ever see. Put it that way, and it was totally worth all the effort

Tyre Size Guide

The biggest question in off-road vehicle building: what size tyres should I fit? Here’s the assorted wisdom of hundreds of people who’ve been there, distilled down into the info you need on 38 makes of 4x4 – the size of the tyres, the size of the lift and the other stuff you’ll need to think about if you go there

Hardcore Hi-Lux

Ashley Stimpson used to run a big, heavy Patrol with loads of lift. The inevitable roll convinced him to build something else instead, and the result is a really tidy Hi-Lux – with more
than a little Nissan DNA of its own…

Commonsense Disco

Planning a vehicle build normally means dreaming of world domination and spending megabucks to get there (or not). Neil Witt is way too smart for that. By only doing the mods he really needed, and hanging around eBay waiting for the kit to come up for knockdown money, he’s built a very usable Discovery that owes him next to nothing

Building a Bumper

If you don’t want to spend a month’s salary on some bent metal, Franco Rizzo’s DIY bumper build should get you thinking. Not being able to weld needn’t even be an obstacle, if you can take the long view on saving money

ORA Moon Buggy

The build’s cracking along now the frame’s been finished, and there’s a whole lot of quality kit being bolted on. And the moment when you check to see that the cabin is actually big enough fit a driver into is definitely one of the bits where the planning pays off…

Land Rover resto

It’s time to get oily. One Land Rover with terrible gearing is cured by two Range Rover diffs. And some unscheduled drilling

Arctic Heroism

Driving to Nordkapp isn’t usually something you need a 4x4 to do. But when you’re going in the depths of the Arctic winter, you need more besides – mainly snowploughs, though very strong tents come in handy too…

Off-Road Scene

The season’s getting underway and all around the country the championships are starting. So we’ve got rolls, stucks, blown engines and more, including the harrowing tale of a comp safari driver running out of petrol on his first run of the year. Business as usual, then…


The biggest variety of stuff you’ll find anywhere, from tyres to tools, rad flush to rev counters, diff covers to amber beacons…


It won’t have you reaching for the low range lever, but NW Norfolk is loaded with cool lanes. They’re mainly easy to drive, so this is one for your navigator – not to mention yourself, because the landscape around you is beautiful

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