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August 2013

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KOV Quali­fier

King of the Valleys is going to be huge this year – so huge that they had to run a qualifying event to whittle down the numbers.  Turns out this was quite a highlight in the 4x4 calendar itself: make no mistake, the overall winner could come from here


Lifelong 90

Andy Jackson did what you’re meant to do and bought the best vehicle he could a­fford to base his build on. Thirteen years

later, he’s still reaping the bene‑fits


Long-arm Grand

The first Rough Country long-arm kit to come in to the UK was ‑fitted to Nick Albion’s WJ Grand Cherokee. And it’s turned a staid mall cruiser into a cool daily drive that’ll flex further than you’d believe


Modded X90

The girliest car ever? That’s what Suzuki wanted the X90 to be all those years ago, but this Vitara-based coupe is a quirky option for crazy mods these days. Steve Taylor is so crazy he even uses his for towing…


Classic 4x4s

Want your next project to be something that’s a bit di­fferent? Don’t we all. So here’s a few ideas for vehicles you might not have thought about building – or that you might have forgotten ever existed


Budget spaceframe

The start of a new workshop series looks at the moment when Tim Platt’s old Range Rover buggy went under the grinder. The idea? Cut o­ the tubular upper frame and use it as part of a full spaceframe. His goal was to build a competitive truck for events like King of the Valleys, but at about a twentieth of the cost of a big-name tube motor. A real-world tale of workshop endeavour starts here…



An o‑ff-road centre where quality matters and quantity doesn’t – the training area might be small, but it’s perfectly formed. And they believe that trialling is a good way to learn to drive. Our kind of place…


North-East laning

The story behind that trip that yielded last month’s workshop sees three cars from the North-East Laners set out the day after it rained like the world was ending. One Landy, one Pajero, one Jimny. If somebody breaks down, there’s going to be a bloodbath…



The rights of way in Northamptonshire and Warwickshire are notable mainly because a lot of them are closed aside from in the summer months. Best get out there and do some driving on them right now, then – and this route will have you doing exactly that.

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