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September 2013

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A site to call home
Finding places to play can be a proper headache for off-road clubs. Down in the wilds of, er, Kent, a group of enterprising Frontera owners have found a solution that’s making things better for everyone
Immortal Samurai
It’s almost two decades since John Wasley turned a written-off Suzuki into what was then a state of the art trials motor. It’s only had minor upgrades and running repairs since – and it’s still a truck to be reckoned with
The TOR Debate
We asked our ever-growing Facebook followers what it is that prevents them from entering more off-road events. The answers make for revealing reading
KOVQ Superstar
When Danny Roderick was a kid, he got a lot of inspiration from the Samurai on page 34. A litany of vehicles later, he’s just  finished building a spaceframe rock racer on 40” tyres with a Lexus engine, Patrol axles – and, one event into its life, a trophy cabinet that’s already starting to  fill up
A 90 from cast-offs
Paul Mellor says his challenge truck has competed all around the world – without leaving Sheffield. It’s built from bits, you see… and what bits they are 
Daimler Ferret
It’s got tyres the size of a Land Rover 101, it’s shorter than a 90 and its whole body is one big bash plate. Oh, and it’s packing a machine gun. Meet the military off-roader you can fit in your garage…
Exploring Romania
There’s an annual green laning event in some of Europe’s most beautiful, most remote mountains that few people have ever heard of. All you have to do is get there – and raise a few hundred quid for what is one of the most worthwhile compassionate causes you’ll ever come across
+11.5 mpg exhaust!
We’ve replaced our thirsty old V8 Discovery with a diesel-engined Land Cruiser Colorado. It’s sponsored by Vortex, the company whose exhausts promise major increases in both performance and fuel economy, so step one has been to put one underneath it and see how we get on. And when you read the results, we suspect you’re going to want one too…
Budget KOV buggy
Last month, we introduced you to Tim Platt’s project to build a full spaceframe rock racer on a shoestring budget. First step was to cut the rollcage off of his old Rangey-based challenge wagon: now this month, the bottom part of the structure is fabricated and the distinctively shaped tube work gets lowered on top. It’s not the most traditional way to build a car – but it’s a case study in saving money while striving for the sort of results you normally only get by spending a fortune…
Another route using rights of way that are only open during the summer months. This one starts and finishes in East Northants, but for most of the time you’ll be in Cambridgeshire. And the lanes themselves are just as varied too. A beauty for those balmy sunlit evenings

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