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October 2013 - with free 16 page off-road tyre guide

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King of the Valleys

They came from across Europe, and even from across the Atlantic, to take part in Britain’s version of the legendary King of the Hammers. As the dust settles, what does the future hold for rock racing in the UK?

Super-clean Landy

Ade Bayley’s 90 is shiny as anything, has a funky tuned engine and rolls on cool sawtooth alloys. A pose truck? Only if you see hardcore off-road winch action as posing…  

Legendary Frontera

Back in the very early days of winch challenges, a plucky Frontera Sport used to mix it with the Ibexes, 90s and hybrid Landies of the time. It’s still around today – though this may be the last time you see it before it lays down its life for Vauxhalls to come…

A Jimny reborn

A long time ago, KAP Suzuki were asked to build a flash Jimny for a customer to pose around in. What they created might not have been used properly back then… but once Chris Savage got his hands on it, it was ready to be rebuilt as a proper off-road machine with the distinctive appearance of a KAP original

Roadbook in North East Yorkshire

We’ve not been to Yorkshire for a while, but this month we’ve been to lots of it. This route starts on the quiet woodland rides of Wykeham Forest before finding its way north to the bleakness of the moors. A fine day out that’s suitable for any 4x4 worthy of the name

Pick-up suspension

Pedders recently launched a new range of suspension kits for trucks with wishbone front ends that’s designed to drop in with the turn of a few bolts. Dead easy… except when you need to break out the gas torch before the truck you’re working on will play ball…


The TOR Debate

How do you deal with rogue off-roaders who wreck the land around green lanes? TOR’s Facebook followers have their say

Back to the Baseline 

We took our Land Cruiser Colorado to Overland Cruisers for ‘a quick once-over.’ They recommend a ‘baselining’ session for every old truck they get in before you even think about modding it – which sounds boring but is a much better idea than having to buy a new engine… 

Budget KOV Buggy

Building a spaceframe is a lot more than just a case of bending a bunch of pipe and welding it together. Yes, even when you’re doing it without spending a king’s ransom. This month, it’s detailing time on Tim Platt’s rock racer – and that’s definitely where the most interesting bits are going to crop up

Off-Road Scene

Britain’s Isuzu Trooper owners get together at Sibbertoft to play in the mud. And that’s a lot of mud. Plus more from the world of trials, challenges and beyond

Off-Road Calendar

We’ve expanded our events diary to include convoy runs and overseas expeditions. So there’s more to do in your 4x4 than ever!

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