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November 2013

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Smoking around in tanks is always fun.  Smoking around in a tank while firing the gun? Now, that’s twice the fun. But what’s this?  Someone else in another tank firing back? That, on the other hand, is just pure rude…
Heavy metal Sammy
Steve Stimpson’s Samurai has come a long way since he turned it into a shiny. It’s lost most of its bodywork, for starters – but what it’s gained in return makes it one of the coolest Suzukis you’ll ever see
Two careful owners
When Jamie Kelly bought his Land Rover 90, it turned out that he was only its second owner. That didn’t stop him from turning it into a triple-winched challenge hero that’s now very much part of his family
Hardcore Trooper
It’s pretty much common knowledge that getting parts for modifying Isuzu Troopers is as good as impossible. The UK owners’ club hasn’t let that stop them, though – and Adam Cockburn’s unique Mk4 is a perfect illustration of how much potential there is in this oft-forgotten off-road hero
800 Days later…
When Andy Smith and Emma Smart set off on an 800-day expedition around the world, they had no idea that circumstances would call them home in a blinding hurry. But expecting the unexpected is part and parcel of the off-road game – and when fate rolled the dice on them, they were faced with a manic dash home across half of Russia. An exit strategy that involved covering 8000 miles in nine days – with a back axle held on by a ratchet strap…
Man v Rust
A story about fitting news springs and shocks to our Land Cruiser Colorado. Yawn.  Except, this isn’t one of those identikit tales of workshop simplicity. It’s the chronicle of what happens when every nut and bolt is rusted up, every bush is perished and solid and almost nothing is easy to get at. If resourceful workshop tricks do it for you, pay attention: the guys at Pedders are about to put on a masterclass
Budget KOV buggy
Conflicts of space are the biggest issue you’ll ever face when building a vehicle.  Planning the whole job beforehand is the only way you’ll ever get round them – but as this month’s episode in the story of Tim Platt’s budget spaceframe rock racer build illustrates, being able to think on the fly is a skill you won’t get far without either 
We promised you Kent and Surrey this month, and as usual we were wrong.  Only a bit, though – because this twocentre route in Surrey and Hampshire is a great way of discovering what the Home Counties are like when you get behind the expensive hedges
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