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December 2013

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Defender: the end
As Land Rover confirms that Defender production will finish at the end of 2015, a new craze for refurbishing old ones gathers pace – and values for Tdi-era models just carry on getting stronger
New Bowler rally series
The company behind the Wildcat and Nemesis partners with Land Rover itself to run a one-make feeder championship for the Dakar. Introducing the Defender Challenge – and the 90 that’ll cost you £50,000…
One big change?
If you could change one thing about UK off-roading, what would it be? Our readers discuss the options in the TOR Debate

From the archives
What was happening 5 years ago?  How abut 10? Well, we were meeting some newcomers who’ve gone on to become well known names on the off-road scene…

Awesome DIY Vitara
Darrell Craven came to off-roading with next to no workshop knowledge. Two years later, he’s built a Suzuki Vitara that can do amazing things – and there’s nothing of the bolt-ons about it. Didn’t think twin transfer cases would be a job for a newbie? Here’s the proof…

No-mess Wrangler
All too often, UK Wranglers tend to be built for show as much as go. Chris Warden’s TJ is definitely a looker, but it doesn’t really start coming into its own until he gets behind the wheel and lets it show the world what it can do.  Which is a whole lot more than even the average well modded Jeep can boast of

Bargain Frontera
Pete King spent £400 on an MOT failure of a Fronty that turned out to be a hidden gem – especially when he welded up the back diff and modded an L200 bumper to go on the front. It might look a bit dog-eared these days, but it’s a classic example of how off-roading can give you get maximum fun for minimum dosh

Glug glug glug…
Having recently bought a Land Cruiser, the last thing we wanted to do was drown the engine. No small matter when you check the depth of fords for a living (by driving into them, mainly). Cue one Safari Snorkel – plus also this month, a very cool set of tyres and a whole new vehicle to add to our fleet

Axles from heaven
Tim Platt’s budget spaceframe buggy project gets on to some of the really exciting stuff this month, in the shape of two Nissan Patrol axles found in a scrapyard. Admit it, you’re jealous

Driving off-road
The start of a new series on the skills and techniques of off-road driving. First rule this month: you’ll never learn how to do it just by reading what some idiot tries to tell you in a magazine…

When all’s said and done, Wales is just that little bit special. We headed for a part of the country full of famous lanes this month, but instead of beating a well worn path we searched out some lesser trails to make a route that’s less familiar but all the more of an adventure for it
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