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What if…?
What would the off-road scene have been like if Land Rover hadn’t been British?  That’s the question in this month’s TOR Facebook Debate – and it’s no surprise that there are a lot of different views on the subject…

From the archives
Is it really only five years since Wez Beynon first appeared on the challenge scene? And a whole decade since Land Rover previewed the Range Rover Sport? Time flies…

Mega marshal’s 90
Paul Rose only gave up on Suzukis because they were no good at recovering heavy stuck objects. Like Land Rovers, yes. So he built one of those instead – it’s just a marshalling wagon, but its spec can show most challenge trucks a thing or two

Real-world Jimny
Well, is a truck ever ‘real world’ when you buy an everyday car as well so you can go in hard o -road? Turns out the answer is yes: no way is Tom Kirk a chequebook off-roader, but he’s built a Jimny that gets extra height from four different sources and counting

Long-range Cruiser
Julian Voelcker is a bit of a legend in Land Cruiser circles. He started out as a central character in club land, but these days he’s the proprietor of a company that preps them for overland travel. He’ll tell you that one of the keys is to know what you don’t need to bolt on to them just to go overlanding – though if you spend much time looking at his own 80-Series, you’ll quickly conclude that he’s not practising what he preaches …

Homeward Bound
When you’ve spent a few years living in Australia and it’s time to come home, the smart thing is to jump on a plane, right? Not when your ride is an ancient, twice-written-off, quarter of-a-million-on-the-clock Pajero, it’s not. Who needs a big-budget overland truck anyway?

Fabbed bumper
Our Land Cruiser goes to Spanner Monkeys for some heavy metal – and gets a custom winch bumper literally built in situ

Project Jimny
Last month, we were having ideas about dropping the guts of an old Disco into our Suzuki. This month, people who’ve tried such things are largely telling us not to be silly

Budget KOV build
A pivotal moment in our series on Tim Platt’s spaceframe buggy, as its chassis is cut free from the jig it was built on

Driving off-road
Our no-bull series on how it’s done gets into gear with the stuff the guff merchants forget to tell you. Like how to simply get from A to B. When B is the place you’re trying to get to, as opposed to the other thing…

Loads of exciting new kit for 4x4s of every kind – including a manifold to turn an original Samurai into a re-breather, a safety gizmo that might also stop your Landy getting nicked and a variety of kit to let you face winter with no fear

The Lake District. It really is that simple. There are many great places to go green laning in the UK, but the area around Coniston is pretty much unbeatable. Our route includes a selection of the best rights of way, as well as a sandwich shop that’s worth the trip on its own…

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