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February 2014

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Valhalla Challenge

A new two-day winch challenge from the team behind the LRS series kicks off in the heart of England. Scores were handicapped to level the field – so would the winner be a standard motor or a 4ws super-trick?

From the archives

How were things looking 10 years ago? It was wall to wall gloom, actually, mostly at the hands of the government. Matters were much rosier five years ago, though – so long as you were tall enough to check your truck’s oil…

High-miles Trooper

Proof positive of what people say about leggy Japanese 4x4s – so long as it’s been looked after, it’ll be right. Mick Hobbs’ Mk3 Isuzu Trooper van came to him after a lifetime of heavy towing – but you’d be hard pushed to see if it’s ever broken sweat in its life

90 meets chew toy

You see 4x4s for sale that have had pretty haggard previous lives. Not many could beat Ian Hitchen’s 90, though, which used to be a skip for dog bones. Happily, today it smells a lot better – mainly of baked-on mud

Suzuki special

Chris Chadwick thought he was after a Vitara until he saw a Samurai sitting there waiting to be saved. He did it with some unusual variations on the Suzuki theme – including bike carbs and, finally, the engine from an Ignis Sport

Jeep’s big brother…

That’s what they called the Dodge WC51 when it was launched in 1942. But they had no idea just how big one example was going to end up getting. How big, or how German…

Stepping out

After last month’s article about how the front bumper on our project Land Cruiser was built, now it’s the side-steps’ turn to be replaced by the sort of steelwork that don’t move for nuthin’. Plus the latest on our enduring indecision about what to do with our Jimny

Nearly there…

We’ve been following the build-up of Tim Platt’s spaceframe rock racer for several issues, and now we’re on the final approach.  The frame is done, the panels are going on and there’s one hurdle left. Though as hurdles go, it’s rather a big one…

Driving off-road

This month’s class is about crossing crests and ditches. You know what we told you about how you can’t learn to drive off-road by reading it in a magazine? Well, here’s the proof…


There’s not many places (like, none) that can match Salisbury Plain and the area around it for sheer volume of green lanes. We could do a whole roadbook in a few square miles – but instead, this one also takes in a variety of other lanes too – to create one outstanding route

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